We have to admit it; throwing knives is fun. But throwing just any knife is dangerous-and not very smart. To throw knives, knives specially designed for throwing are required. Thats why Kershaw made the Ion Throwing Knife Set. The three knives in the set are designed to have the correct weight and balance for target throwing. Kershaws Ion knives are double-edged, spear-point blades. These full-tang knives are made from sturdy, high-chromium stainless steel and the handles are wrapped in durable, sure-grip paracord. The extra-wide ring at the end adds balance, offers a great place to attach a lanyard, and makes it easy to remove the knives from the sheath-or from the target. All three knives fit neatly in the nylon carrying and storage sheath, which makes it easy to take them out to the throwing range.

Features :

  • Set of 3 Throwing Knives
  • 3Cr13, black-oxide BlackWash™ finish
  • Handle 3Cr13, paracord wrapped, black-oxide BlackWash™ finish