Introducing the HD Picatinny Cable Management system from Honzell Design, designed and manufactured in Texas. Unsatisfied with the cable management options currently on the market, this cable clip was designed to secure light and laser cables to either side of your picatinny rail. The HD clips are built to be strong enough to secure the cable to the rail and flexible enough to not break when snapping on. Easily move the cable clip to different sections on the rail without an allen wrench or other tools.

  • Nylon 12- Industrial Grade Nylon
  • Manage cables on either side
  • Strong, light and durable
  • Symmetrical design 
  • Install and move without tools


  • 1.03″ Long
  • .494″ Wide
  • .47″ Tall

installation- Click here

*This product was manufactured using an advanced manufacturing process call Multi-jet Fusion which produces fully isotropic nylon products without the need for injection mold tooling.