Fortis Shift Handstop integrates form with functionality. The shape works as a comfortable handstop when going with the thumb over method or even when reversed. Some prefer their pinky in the groove, others have found their ring finger to be comfortable. Find the grip that works for you, but whichever way you decide to grip it, the grip allows you to handle the weapon with confidence and the organic design enables the operator to manipulate the rifle in ways thats not quite possible with other handstop designs. Look for the distinctive grip design and youll see the difference. Keep your speed and accuracy up. Put more down range and on target. Try out the Fortis Shift and let them know what you think!

Features :

  • One Piece Billet Design
  • 1.1 oz
  • MLOK w/ 5/32 allen head
  • Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum