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Emissary Handbrake

The Emissary Development handbrake is one of the most popular weapon control accessories on the market. Weighing only .9 ounces, it is lightweight but strong, as well as ergonomically comfortable. Emissary Development designed this handbrake with a proprietary texture for the ideal grip, along with an anti-slip bottom ledge. In a market filled with fingerstops, indexers, handgrips, handstops, vertical grips and handbrakes, the Emissary handbrake is one of the most comfortable products I have used.

Handbrake Features

  • Forward swept angle for enhanced ergonomics and ultimate control
  • Optimized size and tapered walls designed for maximum comfort
  • Proprietary texture for the ideal grip
  • Anti-slip bottom ledge
  • Built-in front and rear barricade stop
  • Patent pending
  • The handstop reimagined

M-lok installation instructions provided by Magpul

Handbrake Comparison

So how does this handbrake compare to other grips? The beauty of the Emissary Development Handbrake is that it is only slightly heavier than most fingerstops with more real estate, and lighter than other polymer grips without being classified as a vertical grip. In my opinion, the Emissary Development design provides the right amount of surface area at a comfortable angle. While I do like the BCM Vertical Grip, it’s not quite as comfortable.

  • Emissary Handbrake (.9 oz) 26 grams
  • Magpul AFG M-lok (1.2 oz) 34 grams
  • BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grip Mod 3 (1.7 oz) 48 grams

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